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Top SEO Success Tips

Search Engine Optimization pertains to the art and science of getting your website to rank well on Google and other search engines.

If you have done any SEO in the past, then you already know how difficult the job can be. While not exactly rocket science, the ranking algorithm keeps on changing, making the outcome very unpredictable as an online marketing channel. Fortunately, strategies are available to help you succeed in SEO. And in this article, we are going to share with you some of the most effective SEO success tips.

Tip 1: Age is your best friend

Remember that SEO is about getting your website rank for the most relevant keywords in your niche. However, this endeavour takes time and resources, but the rewards are worth it.

Out of the 200-plus ranking factors built into the DNA of the ranking algorithm, we are 100% sure that one of these is domain age. That said, it’s better to buy a website that has been around for years rather than build one from the ground up.

Tip 2: Test, test, test

Try various strategies and monitor their outcome. Then you can just keep doing what’s working or tweak those that aren’t doing so well. This is especially true for new websites.

For example, during your first month, you might want to build content SILOs. Track what happens after a month. If nothing happens, then introduce another input like ramping up social media shares and likes (there are services where you can buy them). Wait a month before doing something else.

do various testing methods

Tip 3: Think like Google

Google’s ranking algorithm was engineered by human minds and if you take a good look at it you will notice certain things right away. For one, the algorithm employs common sense when sorting websites. In this day and age of social media, for example, websites that do not have any social media shares or likes are considered suspicious.


To repeat, success in SEO is all about domain age, testing, and outthinking search engines. What about link building? Many forums out there offer helpful information on building links to your website.

However, don’t follow their advice blindly. As we said, success in SEO relies on you testing different factors and tracking how they affect your ranking.

We said earlier there are currently over 200 ranking factors that Google takes into account. Unfortunately, their details have not been made public and you can only guess at what those are and then test the validity of your hypotheses.


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